• From the minute you open the doors of a new business, you are communicating with your customers. The process never ends. If you could just stop everything and tell everyone what it is, exactly, that you do, and how great you are, it would be wonderful. The fact is, however, that most of your communication with your customers is more subtle; and much of it is visual in nature. In most cases, your customers will have developed a pretty strong first impression of your business before they get to speak with anyone in person.

    • Does your company have a distinct identity?
    • What makes your company stand out from the rest?
    • All companies have a personality, a set of standards, a code of ethics, a sense of humor, they make a fashion statement and they have physical attributes.
  • Welcome to Hello Design Studio

    Since 2000, Hello Design Studio has specialized in helping small to mid sized companies grow, and achieve their business goals.

    Hello Design Studio is a Canadian full-service innovative graphic design and communication agency. We specializes in graphic design, branding, advertising, marketing and photography for both print and web. Hello Design Studio takes pride in producing advertising and marketing materials that are both visually strong and bottomline practical.
    With our marketing savvy and expert graphic design skills, we can help you solidify your advertising and marketing strategy, refine your corporate identity and strengthen the branding of your company and product line.

    We work hard for our clients!

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    Nova Scotia: 902-482-0543
    Ontario: 905-448-2759

  • Print Design and Marketing

    • Strategic Planning
    • Corporate Identity Development
    • Logo Design
    • Print Advertising Design
    • Outdoor Advertising Design
    • Trade Show Advertising Design
    • Product Design
    • Packaging Design

    Communication Marketing

    • Email Marketing Solutions
    • Direct Mail Design and Development
    • Publication Design and Development
    • Copywriting


    • Product Photography for print and web
    • Environmental Photography
    • Photo Editing, Retouching, Manipulation, Stitching

    Consulting and Marketing Strategy Development

    • Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Plan Development and Implementation
    • Brand Development

    Website Design and Development

    • Strategic Planning
    • Website Design and Development - HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver
    • Content Management Systems (CMS) - Joomla!, WordPress, Custom Designed and Developed
    • Mobile
    • Email Marketing Solutions
    • Social Media
    • Banner Advertising Design
    • Search Engine Marketing Solutions - (SEM)
    • Search Engine Optimization - (SEO)

    Web Hosting

    Very affordable solution for hosting your website

    Website Security and Malware Scanning